The Book FAQ

Look, Snarklings! Frequently Asked Questions and useful information about the book Gothic Charm School: An Essential Guide For Goths And Those Who Love Them.

Question That Doesn’t Have A Number: Where can I buy the book?

Answer: At bookstores everywhere! Here, have a clicky-link to the page, for the sake of convenience.

Question the First: A book? Is it just a collection of articles from the Gothic Charm School site?

Answer: No! While the book does cover some of the topics that the Lady of the Manners has tackled here on the website, there’s far more information and advice in the book.

Question the Second: Who is this book for?

Answer: The Lady of the Manners’ short answer for that is “Everyone!” And really, the book is for everyone. For Goths who’ve been wearing black and lurking in the shadows for decades, for babybats and gothlings who need some help in explaining this whole Goth thing to their parents, for the parents of those babybats and gothlings, for people aren’t Goths but have friends or co-workers who are, and for people who are interested in learning more about our dark and velvety subculture but don’t necessarily want to join us. There are all sorts of suggestions for music, movies, and literature that the Lady of the Manners considers to be helpful knowledge for someone exploring Goth, tips on what you need to build a good basic Goth wardrobe, and all sorts of anecdotes and asides.

Question the Third: I’m not in the USA. Will I still be able to get the book?

Answer: Yes! Gothic Charm School: An Essential Guide For Goths And Those Who Love Them is available worldwide. The US release date is June 23, 2009; dates for other countries vary. Check with your preferred local or online bookstore for the release date.

Question the Fourth: Can you give me a better idea of what’s in the book?

Answer: Here, take a look at the Table of Contents!

An Introduction
Chapter 1: Am I a Goth?
Chapter 2: I’m Not a Goth, But I Have Some Questions About Them …
Chapter 3: Babygoths
Chapter 4: Help! I’m a Goth and My Parents/Friends/Significant Other/Co-Workers Don’t Understand Me!
Chapter 5: Gothy Clichés and Why They’re So Pervasive.
Chapter 6: Goths and Romance.
Chapter 7: Socializing, Cliques, and Gossip.
Chapter 8: Fashion: One of the Great Goth Obsessions
Chapter 9: Dance the Ghost With Me: Music, and Gothy Club and Concert Etiquette.
Chapter 10: Where Do We Go from Here?

Question the Fifth: Hey, didn’t the cover say something about illustrations?

Answer: Yes! Over 50 black-and-white illustrations by award-winning artist Pete Venters.

Question the Sixth: Will the Lady of the Manners be doing a book signing tour?

Answer: Oh yes, Snarklings. Details where the Lady of the Manners will be appearing can be found on the shiny new Events page!

If there’s a question you have about the book that still needs answering, please write to Gothic Charm School.