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Nocturnal House: Interview With The Vampire: Claudia’s Story

The setting: a dimly lit room, with a wingback chair upholstered in black and white striped fabric, next to it a small table holding a silver tea pot and a delicate china cup with a pattern of black lace and roses painted on it. The silence is broken by the sound of a door creaking open, and the Lady of the Manners walks into view, carrying a candelabra full of flickering candles. Even though she is wearing a floor-length, high-collared, and extravagantly ruffled white Victorian-style nightgown, her black eyeliner and burgundy lipstick are impeccable.

Goodness, it has been ages since I’ve visited the Nocturnal House, hasn’t it? It was so quiet and peaceful in the crypt that I must have dozed off for ”¦ much longer than I had planned. But no matter, I’ve returned to the library of vampire books just in time for Halloween to talk about one of my favorite books of the past year: Interview With The Vampire: Claudia’s Story, adapted and illustrated by Ashley Marie Witter. Continue reading

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Of Being Who You Want to Be, and Not Knowing What the Future Holds.

Snarklings, it appears it’s again time for a discussion of how to continue being the person you want to be. There are so many letters from you darling odd creatures out there fretting about how to stay true to your gothy inclinations! Continue reading

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Gothic Charm School + Gloomth Giveaway on Tumblr!

Hey pumpkin! Do you want a chance to win a pair of Gloomth’s “Pumpkin Rump” bloomers? Of course you do, don’t be silly. So quick! Scamper over to this post on the Gothic Charm School Tumblr to enter!

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