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An Assortment Of Questions And Answers

Hello Snarklings! It dawned on the Lady of the Manners that maybe she should try to quickly write a post while also carefully creating the post about the Vampire Masquerade Ball and the reviews of Heavy Red and Spin Doctor. So! A mixed assortment of questions from readers, with (the Lady of the Manners hopes!) helpful answers. Continue reading

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Of Goths And Prom

Hello Snarklings! Gracious, the Gothic Charm School mailbox has been jam-packed with questions asking for gothy outfit suggestions for Prom. For the non-US Snarklings, Prom is a formal school dance, and dressing up in fancy clothes is a big part of it. (Sometimes making poor choices and Drama-with-a-capital-D are also part of Prom, but the Lady of the Manners isn’t going to be talking about those aspects of it, and instead will fervently hope that all of the Prom-attending Gothic Charm School readers are able to avoid those sorts of problems.) Continue reading

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