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Nocturnal House: Vampire Kisses

Happy Halloween, Snarklings! For this visit to the Nocturnal House, I’ve decided to take a break from the usual sort of gruesome and terrifying vampires I prefer to read about, and instead, in the spirit of trick-or-treating, indulge in a sweet and spooky treat.

Now, I read a lot of YA vampire books. (I read a lot of vampire books, period.) But the various YA takes on vampire fiction fascinate me, in part because the YA books often have a bit more plot going on than some of the “grown-up” market vampire novels. Probably because YA authors don’t have the easy narrative drive of vampire sex scenes.

(An aside: hey, I’m all for well-written vampire smut! WELL-WRITTEN being the key words there. There are certain authors who rely a bit too heavily on sex scenes, with the end result being kind of boring, and there is nothing sadder in a vampire novel than tedious, yawn-inducing smut.)

Anyway! YA vampire books! There are a couple of series I read which cause me to eagerly wait for the newest volume to be released. My very favorite series has earned a place on my comfort reading shelf, and the first book of the series is one I indulge in when I need cheering up. Continue reading

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Waiting For The Great Pumpkin: Halloween Ideas

Hello Snarklings! Gracious, how did it become mid-October all ready? The Lady of the Manners feels it is a trifle unfair for October to be subject to the same sort of passage of time that the rest of the year is, because October is the most wonderful time of the year! Halloween season, Snarklings! The time of year when a clever Goth can find all sorts of goodies to use year-round! As some of you may have now guessed, this installment of Gothic Charm School is devoted to Halloween: interesting blogs, wonderful goodies, and helpful hints about the Lady of the Manners’ favorite holiday. Continue reading

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