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Tutorial: Gingerbread Bats!

The Lady of the Manners has been all sorts of scattered, Snarklings, and before she realized it, the holidays were looming close. Which, around the Gothic Charm School household, means baking a very specific type of cookie: Gingerbread bats! Very spicy, very ginger-y gingerbread bats. The Lady of the Manners doesn’t think gingerbread is proper gingerbread unless it makes your tongue tingle. You Have Been Warned! Continue reading

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Of Goths On Makeover Shows, And Of Parental Concern About Provocative Clothing

Reader letters, Snarklings! The Lady of the Manners, after her diversions of blood-spattered manicures and Sepiachord music, is getting back to answering letters from you darling creatures. However, before the Lady of the Manners addresses the handful of letters that have been selected for this lesson, a (brief, the Lady of the Manners swears) tangent about finding Gothic clothing:

The Gothic Charm School mailbox receives many letters from Snarklings asking where to find Gothy clothing; many of these letters also add the caveat that the writers are not able to do their shopping with online retailers that specialize in darkly elegant clothing. Continue reading

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