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Hello Snarklings! How nice of you to decide to explore the world of Gothic Charm School, where the Lady of the Manners spends a not-inconsiderable amount of time trying to gently persuade others in her chosen subculture that being a Goth and being polite is much, much more subversive than just wearing black t-shirts with ”˜”edgy” sayings on them.

There’s an added benefit to being a Goth and having good manners; it’s actually more shocking to some people than the “Booooo! I’m so spooky and scary!” freakshow antics they expect from Goths. Looking like you’ve come from a gathering with a particularly sinister dress-code and being gracious and polite messes with some people’s heads far more effectively than anything else you might be able to think up, Snarklings.

Oh, the Lady of the Manners should explain what she means by “Snarklings”, shouldn’t she? The Lady of the Manners means “Snarkling” in the most affectionate of ways, you see. It’s a combination of “darling” and “snarky”. Because, well, Goths can be very snarky and sarcastic. And because the Lady of the Manners is fond of you people, hence the “darling” part of it.

Anyway, hello new Snarklings! While the Lady of the Manners encourages you to wander around and explore the site, here are some Useful Links to topics that seem to come up frequently here at Gothic Charm School.

For the younger Goths:

Help, my parents won’t let me be a Goth!

Talking to parents about their disapproval of your gothy ways.

Goths and school.

On dealing with school dress codes.

For the parents of younger Goths, and for gothy parents:

Raising a Goth.

Being a gothy parent.

Of parents worrying about “Drama”.

For the ElderGoths

Too old to be a Goth? and Too old to be a Goth, revisited.

Returning to your gothy style after a hiatus.

Aging gracefully.

Some fashion advice:

A quick primer on achieving a gothy look.

Of dressing to flatter one’s figure, and of Elegant Gothic Lolita, Deathrock, and Victorian fashion.

Some fashion advice specifically for the gentlemen.

Gothic Charm School: the videos!

Video the First: What Is Goth?

Video the Second: The Gothic Lifestyle.

So go forth, Snarklings! Explore! And if you have a question you’d like to ask the Lady of the Manners, please write!