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Crushed. Velvet, That Is!

Velvet is a wardrobe basic for Goths and other creatures of the night. But velvet can be a high-maintenence fabric: if it’s not some sort of cotton velveteen or Lycra-enhanced stretch velvet, the lush pile of the fabric can end up damaged.

But wait! Don’t despair over your rain-spattered, smushed velvet garments! Because there is a way to give them new life and a new texture. That’s right, Snarklings, it’s tutorial time! Continue reading

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Polyvore – Escape the Ordinary

escape the ordinary by theamaia featuring DENY Designs Topshop body con dress / Praslin jacket, $17 / Topshop black legging, $8.36 / White shoes / Bowling bag, $75 / Kate Spade bag / Black necklace / Nemesis cuff watch / … Continue reading

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Of Goths, P.E., and “Is It Dark Enough?”

Hello, Snarklings! The Gothic Charm School mailbox has been receiving a steady stream of letters from babybats with fashion questions. Which is no surprise, because as fledgling spooksters, of course they’re looking for guidance on how to express their affection for all things dark and shadowy. The Lady of the Manners feels that she should take a moment to point out some previous Gothic Charm School posts about gothy fashion, as it is a topic the Lady of the Manners really likes talking about. (And oh goodness, the Lady of the Manners probably should do another post about prom, shouldn’t she?) But! The current crop of correspondence did have a few fashion-focused questions that have not turned up before. Continue reading

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