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An Important Announcement About Gothic Charm School!

Exciting news, Snarklings! Coming to bookstores in June 2009, the Gothic Charm School book! Gothic Charm School – An Essential Guide For Goths and Those Who Love Them, published by HarperCollins.

As you might guess, the Lady of the Manners is giddy with excitement about the upcoming Gothic Charm School book, and hopes that all of you are too. Because you see, this book isn’t a mere collection of assorted columns from the history of this site, gracious no! The Gothic Charm School book is full of all sorts of new goodies, and artwork by the Lady of the Manners’ dear husband, noted fantasy artist Pete Venters. (He created all the artwork for this website.)

The Lady of the Manners is also delighted to announce that she’s a special guest columnist in the Winter 2009 English-language Gothic & Lolita Bible from TOKYOPOP! As you Snarklings who are regular readers know, the Lady of the Manners is quite fond of EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita) and EGA (Elegant Gothic Aristocrat) fashions, so being asked to contribute to the Gothic & Lolita Bible was a treat and an honor.

The Lady of the Manners had a wonderful time at Bats Day In The Fun Park, and meeting some of you Snarklings made a fun-filled weekend even better. The Lady of the Manners has always wanted to attend Bats Day, but the previous events were usually held in the height of summer. As a delicate native of the Pacific Northwest with a wardrobe full of petticoats, the prospect of summertime in Anaheim, California, canceled out the enticement of the sight of Disneyland swarming with fellow Goths. But oh, the Lady of the Manners is so glad she attended this year! The sight of 1,282 Goths standing in line for the Haunted Mansion is a memory that will bring a smile to her face for years to come. Continue reading

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Bats Day In The Fun Park

This is just a quick note, Snarklings, to let you know that the Lady of the Manners is attending the 10th annual Bats Day In The Fun Park this weekend! If you’re also attending and happen to spy the Lady of the Manners wandering around, please come over and say hi!

(Yes, it’s true. The Lady of the Manners loves Disneyland, and would quite happily move into the Haunted Mansion.) Continue reading

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