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“Nice Boots” and Club Manners

Hellohello, Faithful Readers, and welcome to the early spring ramblings at Gothic Charm School. (the Lady of the Manners knows that it’s spring because all the local drugstores have shelves and shelves of sugary Peeps for sale. Some people may use the budding of the trees or the re-appearance of flowers as sure harbingers of the spring season; the Lady of the Manners goes by the more reliable timetable of Easter candy turning up at the stores. Mmmmm, chocolate bunnies”¦)

Anyway, besides flowers, warmer weather, and Cadbury’s Cream Eggs, spring also usually means people coming out of the winter doldrums bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to go out and find new romantic interests. Of course, those people have to figure out how to chat up the potential new romance partner, which brings Gothic Charm School to the question of the month sent in by one of Our Readers: Continue reading

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