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Halloween Do’s and Don’t’s

Hello, Faithful Readers, and Happy Anniversary! Yes, it’s been a full year of advice from Gothic Charm School ”” it didn’t seem that long, did it? In amongst the questions that Faithful Readers sent in, there were also various missives from people asking, “what gives you the right to tell people how to dress and behave?!” To which the Lady of the Manners responds: She’s not telling anyone in a dictatorial fashion. Everything has been advice, which means people are free to ignore it completely. For those out there who have felt slighted by the Lady of the Manners’ disdain for face-covering elaborate eyeliner and plastic capes, oh well. Rest assured that she would never run up to you and tell you that you look silly. That would be rude and unkind.

Anyway, it’s October, and we all know what October means for goths, right? ALL THE STORES ARE STOCKING HALLOWEEN THINGS!! Continue reading

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