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Roommates, oh dear, oh dear

Hello, Faithful Readers, and welcome to your monthly installment of advice and etiquette! Now this month, the Lady of the Manners is going to hold forth on a subject she hasn’t had to personally deal with in a while ”¦ roommates. (When one is married, one’s spouse is not considered a roommate. Really. It’s a subtle distinction, but the Lady of the Manners trusts that when or if any of you get married, you’ll understand what she means.)

Roommates are quirky creatures. On one hand, they can be your closest friend and confidant; on the other hand, they can be the evil thing that borrows your clothes without asking first and leaves the bathroom resembling a disaster area. Sometimes, they’re all those things ”” the trick is to have a roommate with more good qualities than bad, and make sure that you don’t unthinkingly annoy them as much as or more than they can potentially annoy you.
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