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Portland! New Gothic Charm School Merchandise! And When Not To Explain That You’re Not Wearing A Costume.

Forgive the Lady of the Manners if this post seems a little scattered, Snarklings. The trip to San Diego Comic-Con was amazing, but just the teensiest bit overwhelming. But oh yes, the Lady of the Manners wants to go back next year. Be sure to scamper over to the Lip Service Webzine to read the book tour diary installment about all the hijinks!

Thank you to all of you Snarklings who came to the Gothic Charm School autograph session or who recognized the Lady of the Manners in the Exhibit Hall and said hi! Meeting the people who read Gothic Charm School has been the best thing about the book tour. The Lady of the Manners wishes that she were able to visit more cities and meet more of you, but alas, a book tour budget only stretches so far. Continue reading

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Of San Diego Comic-Con, Portland, And A Reader Suffering School Torments.

The NYC stop of the Gothic Charm School tour was oodles of fun, Snarklings! (If a bit humid.) The reading at The Mysterious Bookshop was lovely, and the Lady of the Manners was delighted to meet all of you who turned up there. The picnic at the Green-Wood Cemetery was everything the Lady of the Manners had hoped for and more! Goregously-dressed creatures, a historic cemetery, and weather that turned out to be pleasant instead of sweltering and sticky like the day before. Pictures from the events can be found over at the Gothic Charm School Flickr Group! Continue reading

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Of New York, Lip Service, And Answering Reader Questions!

Busy times, Snarklings! Busy busy times! So the Lady of the Manners is going to give you several updates in a bullet-point style, and then yes indeed, answer some questions from readers! And finish up with a reader question that she intends to address more fully, but needs your help to do so. Continue reading

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Of NYC And San Diego ComicCon!

Goodness, Snarklings! The California stops for the Gothic Charm School book tour were all sorts of fun, and it was lovely to meet all of you who were there. But where oh where is the Lady of the Manners going to be next? New York! And San Diego ComicCon! Continue reading

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