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True Tales of Eldergoth Life – Finding Music

Back in the Lady of the Manners’ day (she says, waving a stick of clove incense around because she stopped smoking 20+ years ago), finding new goth music was hard, especially in the early 90s. Continue reading

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Of Dealing with Parents

be supportive. Or at the very least, not react with fear and disapproval. But alas, that ideal world doesn’t exist. So what can you do when your parents react poorly to the unfurling of your spooky self? Continue reading

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Goth Fast Fashion, and Why It Isn’t Always a Good Thing

For this installment of Gothic Charm School, the Lady of the Manners turned to Twitter and ran a poll to narrow down what topic she should tackle next. It turns out that many, many Snarklings were interested in the Lady of the Manners rant opinions around the rise of gothy fast fashion. Continue reading

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Of Reclaiming Goth for Yourself

How do you reclaim Goth for yourself when it’s ended up with uncomfortable personal associations? Continue reading

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Vampire Fiction, a Personal List

So, after years and years of promising to write titles down, the Lady of the Manners presents to you her “by-no-means comprehensive, but I like them” list of vampire fiction, in alphabetical order. Are all of these brilliant works of genius? No. But they all, in some way, tickle the Lady of the Manners’ velvet-draped heart. Continue reading

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Of Goth Nostalgia

There are many, many things from Ye Olde Goth Days (Nights?) where the memories spring forth, flatteringly colored by the flickering candlelight of memory. And it takes a determined effort to also remember that the distance of time blunts the sharp, painful edges of those memories. Continue reading

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A Reminder, and Festive Cookies!

First things first, Snarklings: the Lady of the Manners is SO HAPPY to see people showing their delightful faces and using the #EverydayGoth and #ThisIsGoth tags on Twitter and Instagram. Keep doing that! And feel free to tag the Lady … Continue reading

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“Not Pretty Enough” to be Goth

This is going to be a somewhat multi-topic post, Snarklings; well, not multi-topic, but two facets of one larger topic. Part the First: Over on the Gothic Charm School Tumblr (yes, the Lady of the Manners is still on Tumblr, … Continue reading

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Halloween 2020

Oh Snarklings, this year has been weird, chaotic, and stressful, and it’s not going to get better any time soon. Because of that, the Lady of the Manners was second-guessing herself about writing this post; fretting about Halloween this year … Continue reading

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A Brief Pause, and Helpful Links

(Regular posting will resume here at Gothic Charm School some point in August. Things in the world have been very chaotic and stressful lately, which has led to a lack of writing.) The Lady of the Manners gets political: The … Continue reading

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