Gothic Charm School: The First Video!

Oh Snarklings, the Lady of the Manners is all aflutter with excitement about what she has to share with you in this post! Because this is the post unveiling the first Gothic Charm School video!

“A video?” some of you may be asking. Yes, beloved Snarklings, a video. The first of three promotional videos to be unveiled as we hurtle toward the release date of Gothic Charm School: An Essential Guide For Goths And Those Who Love Them, to be exact!

In this first video, the Lady of the Manners tackles that age-old question “What is Goth?” Now, the Lady of the Manners certainly doesn’t feel that she has provided the Definitive Answer to that question, however she does feel confident that the video succinctly covers key points. In the video the Lady of the Manners also tackles what Goth isn’t, and tries to dismiss some of the negative stereotypes that surround the Goth subculture.

So, Snarklings, enjoy the video! Share it with other Goths, and also your friends, parents, teachers, co-workers, in-laws, or anyone else you know who, perhaps, doesn’t quite understand “this whole Goth thing”. The Lady of the Manners hopes that you find the video entertaining, yes, but she also hopes that you find it very helpful, too.

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