The 2017 Holiday Gift Guide!

It’s that time of year, Snarklings! Holiday gifting time! The Lady of the Manners has spent a not-inconsiderable amount of time talking to artisans and creators (and window-shopping in the process) to bring you a list of enticing goodies in a wide selection of price ranges!


  • Sock Dreams. Yes, socks are a holiday gift cliche, but personally, the Lady of the Manners would be thrilled to bits to unwrap goodies from Sock Dreams.
  • Giggles and Hoots. Adorable clothing and accessories with a gothy flair.
  • Nikol King. Beautiful and intricate screen printed patches and shirts.
  • Poison Apple Printshop. Screenprinted ”¦ everything, really. Patches, shirts, altar cloths, and illustrated books.
  • Kambriel. Decadent, theatrical, and perfect clothing and accessories, made by one of the kindest people in the universe.


Tasty things!


  • Rituel de Fille. Luxurious cosmetics, including “Eclipse”, a multi-use black creme pigment. (The Lady of the Manners uses it as an eyeshadow base, and the merest dot of it when she wants to play around with contouring.)
  • Black Moon Cosmetics. Metallic matte lip color. Smokey liquid eye shadows with glitter. Liquid glitter all-purpose topcoat.
  • Aromaleigh. Still one of the best stores for all sorts of mineral makeup. The Fatalis and Insectarium collections are especially enticing.

Perfume and Incense


  • La Creeperie. Vintage books, with an amazing selection of horror, science fiction, occult, and gothic romance titles.
  • Strix Publishing. A small press specializing in strange fiction and art books, including the astonishing Problem Glyphs book.


Art, Decor, and Oddities

  • Moth and Myth. Lasercut paper moths.
  • Evil Supply Company. Greeting cards, stationery, pins, shirts, and coffee mugs for the discerning villain or monster.
  • The Stitchy Button. Adorable custom-made bunnies and dolls, for whatever fandom you want.
  • Angioletti Designs. Plates, teacups, and teapots, customized with dark (and not-so-dark) designs.
  • CatalystKoi. Resin skull replicas, and creepy one-of-a-kind art.
  • Henrietta’s Eye. Custom tintype portraits! (Seattle-only, but if you’re in the area, having a tintype portrait done is utterly worth it.)
  • The Art of Jason Soles. Unsettling sculptures and jewelry made from bone and skull replicas.
  • Gargoyle Statuary. Sculptures, statues, art, and candles perfect for your haunted abode. A spooky Seattle institution!

And of course, if you feel like doing some holiday baking, you just might want the link to the Gothic Charm School gingerbread bats recipe.

And now, Snarklings, the Lady of the Manners is going to seriously consider hibernating for the rest of the year. She hopes that all of you have a wonderful rest of the year, and fervently wishes that 2018 is better and kinder to all of us.

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  1. Thank you so much, dear. Happy holidays.

  2. Nyx Shadowhawk says:

    This is an excellent Esty company if you haven’t seen it! I got an adorable fruit bat ornament from this company!:

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