Halloween 2020

Oh Snarklings, this year has been weird, chaotic, and stressful, and it’s not going to get better any time soon. Because of that, the Lady of the Manners was second-guessing herself about writing this post; fretting about Halloween this year seemed frivolous. But we need frivolous right now. Anything that brings even a speck of joy to someone right now is valuable and badly needed. Halloween is NECESSARY, DAMMIT. So, what is going on for Halloween? What spooky things can you join in on?

Perhaps you’d prefer some spooky things to watch or listen to from the depths of YouTube:

While the works of Edgar Allan Poe are appropriate year-round, there’s something very satisfying about hearing them read aloud.

“The Raven” read by:

  • If you have access to a printer (stop snickering, it’s a thing many people still have in their homes), there are all sorts of Halloween and spooky coloring pages you can download and print. The Lady of the Manners collected a few as a starting point on this Pinterest board. Several of those pins link to the Etsy stores of the artists; the Lady of the Manners cheerfully and vehemently encourages you to support small artists and buy their digital downloads!


Do any of you lovely people have suggestions for activities or online events for this very strange 2020 Halloween season? Please leave a comment!

May the 2021 Halloween season be a return to the usual sort of spooky and creepy for all of us, and not this socially-distanced limbo we’re stuck in.

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4 Responses to Halloween 2020

  1. Margrethe says:

    Halloween is happening, dammit. I have picked up materials to create a candy delivery shoot, my mother is willing to sit on the porch with me and her black cat and quote MacBeth at anyone who dares to come close, I will have signs up the week before to inform people we will have candy here!

    And my son has a great costume that only requires a suitable mask (WW1 officer uniform, so gas mask.)

  2. Juushika says:

    Speaking of classic horror fiction, there are some free & PWYW sites that take Project Gutenberg texts and format them for accessibility–covers, working indexes, excised licensing info, sorted by genre, etc. I love Gutenberg but their epubs tend to break on my ereader, so I get a lot out of these alternatives. Global Grey Ebooks is my go-to; also check for Duke Classics which your local library may have as always-available DRM-free ebooks (in the United States, unsure about elsewhere).

    Romancing the Gothic is entirely up my alley, thank you for the link!

  3. Loren says:

    Oh man, my very favorite part of the holiday season is almost here.

    Your reference to The Haunted Mansion reminds me that that was our very first destination when we visited Walt Disney World in the very early ’70s.

    I actually bought my first tarot deck (Rider-Waite) in the General Store on Main Street U.S.A.
    It was a very different time.

    Thank you for the links. That seems to be how I’m living my life now, by following links.

  4. Laurence von Bottorff says:

    My Neo-Victorian grandmother could recite Annabel Lee from memory.

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