Presenting Video Number Three!

Oh gracious, Snarklings, has another week scurried by already? If so, surely you know what that means: time for another Gothic Charm School video!

Remember how in Gothic Charm School: Video The Second, the Lady of the Manners talked about some common questions and assumptions about Goth? (You do remember that, don’t you? The Lady of the Manners would be very sad to think that you didn’t watch the video.) Well, in the third and final (for now, perhaps) Gothic Charm School video, the Lady of the Manners finally turns her attention to her fellow Goths and offers up some advice about how to deal with such questions and the attention they may receive.

(Also, Lady of the Manners swears on her collection of parasols and petticoats that she really does know the difference between blue and black. Except apparently after a long day of filming.)

So go forth and watch the video! Actually, don’t just watch it, but share it with everyone you know!

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