Polyvore – Escape the Ordinary

escape the ordinary

escape the ordinary by theamaia featuring DENY Designs

Polyvore fashion-y thing, as always, by the fabulous theamaia!

4 Responses to “Polyvore – Escape the Ordinary”

  1. blackrose Says:

    I might wear this, though it depends a lot on the occasion. I would DEFINITELY wear this as a casual day outfit, but at a fancy party? No, I’d wear something a little more toned-down. Still pretty awesome! Reminds me of Nightmare Before Christmas, AWESOMESAUCE!

  2. Hannah Says:

    Blackrose I think this is a “fancy occasion” look more than you do. Mostly because my parents are pretty strict. So I can wear hot pink lipstick and somthing I call “fade” which happens to be silver eyeshadow and dark grey eye shadow silver to brow bone and grey on lid

  3. Amber Says:

    Ooh! <3 Ready for a day out? Or maybe a night out? <3

  4. Sapphire Says:

    This is truly beautiful. A bit dressy, or, no,that’s not the right word, extravagant, that’s the word I want. It’s really a gorgeous set and I wouldn’t hesitate to wear it but, I wouldn’t wear it to a big party or a large event. That’s a bit to extravagant for that, maybe something less extravagant would do better.

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