Holiday Shopping Clicky-Links!

It’s that time of year, Snarklings; the holidays are looming closer. But fear not, the Lady of the Manners has pulled together a helpful list of artisans and independent retailers for you to browse and buy from!

But first! The traditional seasonal link to the Gingerbread Bats Tutorial! The Lady of the Manners is hoping that she’ll be able to squeeze some time out of her ridiculously crowded schedule so she can bake some herself.

And now, on to the clicky-links!

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. The Lady of the Manners’ favorite perfume company, ever. EVER.

Kambriel. Luscious and luxurious garments. Not only is Kambriel an astonishingly talented designer, but she’s one of the kindest, sweetest people that the Lady of the Manners knows.

Sock Dreams. Socks may be ridiculed as a bad holiday gift idea, but trust the Lady of the Manners on this: socks (or stockings, or tights, or arm warmers) from Sock Dreams are a great gift idea.

Evil Supply Co. Paper goods for monsters and villains. Atticus Q. Redghost is a marvel and a darling.

Lunation Leathers. Gorgeous hand-crafted leatherwork, focusing mainly on intricate hair slides.

SIGIL by Anita Arora. Leather bags and jewelry.

Tormented Artifacts. Leather belts and belt pouches, masks, and bootwings!

Quintessential Arts. Jewelry of leaves, crow talons, and feathers, all hand-made from silver.

Arctic Phoenix Studios. Cast resin animal skulls. Including delightful glow-in-the-dark bird skulls!

Amber Rothrock. Collaged metal art and jewelry.

Open the Cellar Door. Jewelry incorporating bones, iron, and crystals.

Fiendies. Handcrafted occult goods, including spirit boards and planchettes.

The Attic Shoppe Trading Company. Beautifully designed tarot and Lenormand card decks, spirit boards, and entertaining fripperies.

The Creeping Museum. Enamel lapel pins designed by independent artists, with the proceeds supporting wonderful causes.

Maia Arts. Tote bags, coffee cups, art prints, and more, with the dreamlike art of Thea Maia.

Drew Rausch. Spooky art and comics!

MeganMissfit. Adorably creepy art and illustration.

Catalyst Studios. Fantastic fine art and monstrosities.

Jason Soles. Grimoires, macabre art, and cold-cast bronze skulls and bones.

Smoochies Bath and Body Products. Bath salts in deep, vivid colors. The maker of the Lady of the Manners’ favorite blood red bath salts!

Liberte du Monde Gourmet culinery salts and seasonings. Tasty salts, sugars, and herb blends to enhance just about everything you could eat or drink.

Maison Bouche. Delicious gourmet chocolate. The Lady of the Manners is especially fond of the rose with candied mint chocolate bars.

La Creeperie. Vintage books, focusing on horror, SF, fantasy, occult, pop culture, and gothic romance.

And, of course, there’s the option to donate to a favorite charity in someone’s name!

May all of you have wonderful, stress-free holidays. And may the coming year be kinder to all of us than 2016 was.

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1 Response to Holiday Shopping Clicky-Links!

  1. Annelise says:

    My heart skipped five beats and did a fluttery dance when it saw the American Library Association among your suggestions for holiday gift donations.
    As a fan of yours, and as a public librarian in the U.S., thank you!
    Happy Holidays! <3

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