Stereotype Technology – for Your Window Shopping Needs – July 26, 2018

As many of you know, Snarklings, the Lady of the Manners often finds herself wandering through the shadowy depths of gothy window shopping. (Frequently at 3AM, as a distraction from a visit from the dratted Insomnia Fairy. If the Lady of the Manners ever catches that wretched creature, she’s putting it in a shadowbox, skewered with vintage pearl-headed pins.)

Anyway! For your window shopping pleasure (or despair, depending on the wiggle room in your budget), here are some of the things the Lady of the Manners unearthed recently!

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Phantom Dressing Gown

The Lady of the Manners had long coveted the ridiculously over-the-top “Christine’s Dressing Gown” from Victorian Trading Company. Now, damn their eyes, they’ve recreated it in black. The Lady of the Manners desperately needs this to wear while she lounges around the house sipping absinthe and reading vintage gothic romances.

Whisper Sisters

Oh no, the Lady of the Manners found another indie perfume company. To distract everyone from her already extensive collection, please revel in this description of Goth Club ’89 from Whisper Sisters:

If you were there, you know the smell. Heavy resins, candle smoke, nicotine, clove, incense, absinthe, with a hint of intoxicating florals and vintage dark patchouli to balance everything out.

Vampire Bloodletter Ankh by CenterOfTheCircle

Does the Lady of the Manners fully embrace her clichés and constantly search for pointy ankh pendants? Yes, yes she does.

Lace cape from BibelociarniaShop

The Lady of the Manners has a weakness for lace capes. So delicate! So helpful in projecting that air of “Why no, I don’t know how that terrible thing could have happened to them, constable. I was having tea at the center of the hedge maze.”

Lace collar from MalaNocheStore

Perfect for hiding vampire bites. Or possibly as defense against vampire bites. The Lady of the Manners won’t judge your preferences.

Morticia Maxi from Holy Clothing

Sleeves bigger than your head! Sleeves bigger than anyone’s head!

Would you like to see some vintage goth fashion? (That was a rhetorical question, in case you weren’t sure.)

Sheer goth shirt from AnEnchantingCreature

The Lady of the Manners is almost positive she had this shirt back in the 90s.

Velvet blazer from VintageChandler

The Lady of the Manners is also almost positive that she had this blazer back then, too. Or at least one that was verrrrry similar.

Vintage “vampire”-esque shirt from TopOfTheShops

The description may say “Mod”, but the Lady of the Manners is here to tell you that this is a perfect vampire shirt. Don’t argue.

Do you have suggestions for things the Lady of the Manners should hunt down during her bouts of insomnia window shopping? Leave a comment!

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10 Responses to Stereotype Technology – for Your Window Shopping Needs – July 26, 2018

  1. Lorien Inksong says:

    I really enjoyed the window shopping. If you find more independent clothing makers (like the peeps who made that amazing neck corset) please do share.

    Best of luck catching the insomnia fairy.

  2. Kiba says:

    I have never coveted a dressing gown more than I covet that dressing gown.

  3. Amethyst says:

    Absolutely love the lace cape! And all of it really! Also, I can sympathize, my own insomnia fairy has decided I must be nocturnal as a bat

  4. Velvet Cat says:

    I’d love to see you do a goth capsule wardrobe. Maybe even get into the Goth Stereotypes and have a Romantic Goth capsule wardrobe, or Vampire, or whatever strikes your fancy.

  5. Lady of the Manners says:

    Ooooh. That’s a really good idea! I will poke around and see what sort of links I come up with.

  6. Smonster says:

    I volunteer to hold that cursed fae creature down whilst you impale it.

  7. The dressing gown is beautiful! And I already own the Morticia Dress from Holy Clothing. Nice picks!

  8. Thank you for the tip on Whisper Sisters!
    I’ve wanted to buy from BPAL for years, but I just couldn’t justify the price. I only use Lush solid perfumes or a patchouli one I bought during WGT. So now I can smell fancy too!

  9. Lin says:

    If you need help capturing the dratted fae, I shall come in a heartbeat. I adore window-shopping when struck with insomnia myself. That dressing gown…oh so tempting.

    Thank you as always, and I would absolutely be interested in more window-shopping links.

  10. I bought the Christine Dressing Gown to wear to a Sherlockian pyjama party and it was a big hit! It’s long enough that you’re basically wearing a train; I wound up sewing a wrist loop on the back, just above the lace trim.

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