Stereotype Technology: Pen and Paper

Try to forget your PayPal passwords, Snarklings, because it’s time for another installment of Stereotype Technology! This is a theme that the Lady of the Manners absolutely should not have been window-shopping for in the dead of night.

Many, many goths like writing supplies. Blank books, fancy pens, notecards, stickers – all of these things can set goth hearts aflutter like little bat wings. The Lady of the Manners knows very well that she’ll never use up her entire stash of fancy writing goodies, but that doesn’t stop her from coveting more.

A necklace that’s a tiny usable book, from PegandAwl.

Leather coffin blank book, from the Victorian Vampire Society UK.

The Lady of the Manners can give you a personal recommendation for this book, as it’s the one she’s currently using to document the tarot readings she does for herself. It’s beautifully constructed, and the paper is smooth and a delight to write on.

The Rekonect magnetic paper notebook, from Rekonect.

Combining science and blank book coveting, the individual pages in a Rekonect notebook can be removed and replaced in any order that works for you. The Lady of the Manners can give you a personal recommendation for this one too, because she has absconded with the one that belonged to her husband in order to try her hand at organizing her life via that whole bullet journal thing. 

(The whole bullet journal / DIY organizer thing is not an elaborate excuse for the Lady of the Manners to need to acquire more gothy stickers, no really, but she will admit to looking at goodies like the Gothic Love Story sticker kit from TheGingerCatCo.)

(She’s also not hoping that Michael’s doesn’t reissue the entire line of floral/romantic goth -themed planner stickers and washi tape for the 2019 Halloween season. Not at all.)

A Victorian Mourning note card set, from Bedlam Supply Co. Just the thing for your elegantly menacing correspondence.

Mini Vampire Love gothic writing/notelet set, from BewitchingCraftz.

Oh no, BewitchingCraftz also makes a pink and black gothic writing/notelet set. Drat this being a target market!  

But what will you write with? Your fancy books and notepapers deserve fancy pens, right? Of course they do; don’t argue with the Lady of the Manners about this, you won’t win.

Glass dip pens are certainly fancy, if not very portable. Just look at the ones from GlassDipPen!

Feather quill dip pens are equally as fancy, and also not terribly portable. It can be done, but the logistics are a nightmare, even if one reverts to 90s goth fashion and carries a metal lunchbox for a purse. But imagine how elegant you’d look when you pulled out this pen set from LuciferothicaCrafts

Actual fountain pens are much more portable, but still lure you into temptation with the dizzying array of different types available, with more temptation piled on in the form of endless ink colors to choose from. Which is why the Lady of the Manners is so very fond of Goulet Pens; not only do they sell samples of different inks (and offer a samples-of-the-month subscription, oh dear oh dear), but they sell pens for almost every budget.

Jet Pens also has a sprawling selection of pens, ink, and oodles of other writing supplies and accessories, as does the UK-based Cult Pens.

Finally, one of the Lady of the Manners’ friends sent her a link to a site that is dangerously enticing: Pendemonium, which carries all sorts of writing collectables, including antique and vintage pens, pen holders, nibs for dip pens, ink blotters, and so on. (Ink blotters! Quick, someone leave a comment persuading the Lady of the Manners that she doesn’t need an ink blotter.) 

The Lady of the Manners probably shouldn’t ask this, but she’ll just throw caution to the wind: do you have any favorite shops to buy paper goods and writing implements from? Or a particular style of pen or color of ink you simply must geeble about? Leave a comment!

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6 Responses to Stereotype Technology: Pen and Paper

  1. Hannah says:

    Good evening, Auntie! I too LOVE any kind of stationery and pens, and have placed several orders from Goulet. My last order was actually on Monday! I wanted to make sure you were aware though that they no longer offer their ink subscription on the website. They have many, many, MANY samples as well as both curated and random sample packs but the company has grown so much that as of this moment I don’t think they are able to keep up with subscription orders. However that hasn’t changed their absolutely amazing customer service and the fantastic variety of fountain pen offerings.

    Best Regards,

  2. archersangel says:

    i’d thought you mention evil supply co.

    and you do NOT need an ink blotter.

  3. Lady of the Manners says:

    Alas, our darling Atticus has closed Evil Supply Co.! Otherwise they would have been at the top of the list.

  4. Bobby says:

    I switched to only using fountain pens for everyday. I’ll sometimes use a dip pen or my sterling silver 1900ish mechanical pencil. But I’m still trying to find a personalized stationary set to fit me. I’m thinking a Victorian mourning replica stationery. But living in Virginia I typically only order from Goulet Pens. If I order early enough in the day I can get everything next day. And their Customer Service is Second to none in my opinion. But my favorite pen and ink combination right now either my TWSBI 580 with Diamine Majestic Blue or my Special Edition Lamy Safari in all black with Diamine Oxblood.

  5. rosered says:

    trying so hard to tell myself i am full up on stationary from now till the heat death of the universe, but that coffin book…the note set…sigh

  6. Nic says:

    Oh, Auntie, you don’t need an ink blotter (says I, with hands literally stained with ink from practicing with one of my dip pens).

    A pen I bought that has significant emotional value to me is a relatively plain Crown fountain pen, body in metal, painted black and gold. It’s the first thing I bought with the first money from my first job, so it’s very meaningful, but it writes like a charm and doesn’t stain my hands like my dip pen. Unfortunately, I had to buy ink and a syringe because those were much cheaper than buying new cartridges.

    I bought, relatively recently, a fountain pen from Daiso (it’s a store of Japanese thingies that is an absolute temptation when it comes to stationery). It was very, very cheap – about 10 reais, which converts to… 2 dollars and something? It writes wonderfully! And they have lovely little notebooks in many sizes and a variety of stickers and writing implements.

    Other than that… I’ll admit to having spent money on a gorgeous, gorgeous spiral notebook sold here in Brazil. I’m not strong enough not to succumb to my monstrous impulses, but, then again, take a look at this notebook, and keep in mind they have a full line of Universal Monsters notebooks featuring Dracula (the one in the picture), the Wolfman, the Mummy, and Frankenstein’s Monster.

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