Clicky-links! Diversions and Shiny Things!

Gracious, Snarklings, it’s been a busy time for the Lady of the Manners! There’s been a steady flurry of posts over on the Gothic Charm School Tumblr with snippets and quick photos from the events the Lady of the Manners has been visiting (so many events! So many wonderful people to meet!), and you should know what that means. Clicky-link roundup! Yes, the Lady of the Manners has been assiduously collecting cards from the fascinating artists and vendors she’s met over the past month or so, and now she’s going to share them with you.

Portland Black Lipstick Company. THE best black lipstick the Lady of the Manners has ever used. Ever.

Espionage Cosmetics, who have a large range of fandom-themed eye shadows and lip serums, but as far as the Lady of the Manners is concerned, their Nailed It! line of nail art stickers is THE enticing product. Burtonesque is everything the Lady of the Manners has ever wanted from nail art, but is too clumsy to do herself.

Aromaleigh Cosmetics is doing Hannibal-inspired eye shadows. The Lady of the Manners is so full of glee about this she may explode in a cloud of blood and glitter. (You Snarklings ARE watching Hannibal, yes? Those of you who are old enough to watch disturbing and unsettling TV, that is?)

Carnivorous Terrariums! Exactly what it sounds like, a wonderful group of people who will help you design and create a terrarium of carnivorous plants. Once the Lady of the Manners is sure she’s finally gotten over her long-standing case of black thumbs, she’s going to contact these folks.

Omnia Oddities. Oh, such wonderful things! Aspidonia and Chiroptera leggings! Seance pendants and hourglass Moira rings!

Gritty Jewelry. Handmade metal jewelry that manages to be delicate and rough-edged at the same time.

Scarlet Rabbit. Wonderful crocheted cuffs, fingerless gloves, chokers, and collars.

Tormented Artifacts. Leatherwork! All sorts of leatherwork. Masks, useful pouches on nifty belts, leather wings to lace onto your boots, armor ”¦ you need things from here, trust the Lady of the Manners on this.

Tentacular Distractions. Adorable plushies of tentacles! And jellysquishes! Plus hooded scarves and fingerless gloves.

A.S. Koi and Catalyst Studios. Fine art and classy dead things.

The Art of Jason Soles. Replica bird skulls, sculpted book covers, and a host of unsettling things.

Libertine Tacoma. Gourmet salts, sugars, and herbs. The Lady of the Manners’ new favorite snack is popcorn topped with their vanilla salt and rose sugar.

My Blacks Don’t Match. A delightfully spooky webcomic, by the ever-charming Drew Rausch.

Writhe and Shine, and Overcast With a Chance of Doom, two darling webcomics taking a humorous look at goth life, by Robert Tritthardt.

Evil Supply Co. “Better Living Through Questionable Morality. Stationery, prints, t-shirts, buttons, and other enticing treasures for those of us who have sinister ambitions. Plus, Atticus Q. Redghost, the evil genius behind it all, is devilishly charming.

Owlkeyme Arts. Creations by Laura Tempest Zakroff, including jewelry, clothing patterns, and prints.

Diana Levin Art. Adorably spooky art and jewelry!

John Sproul. Adorably macabre art and tattoos.

Balefire Candles. Handmade candles, for both witchy and non-witchy illumination and atmosphere.

Nightshade Botanicals. Small-batch artisan aromatherapy, with body butters, room sprays (great for those of us who aren’t able to burn incense!), and witchy perfumes.

Valentina’s Home-Brewed Spells + Potions. Tea, perfume oils, bath salts, body scrubs, all concocted from family recipes.

Whew! So many clicky-links! So many shiny things! Of course, for more clicky-links of entertainment and treasure, be sure to visit the Gothic Charm School Resources page. But for now, the Lady of the Manners is going to go indulge in some fizzy water with rose syrup and chocolate bitters, and keep a close eye on the weather report for Anaheim CA, because Bats Day at the Fun Park is coming up! Hmmm, which to pack: parasol, or giant sun hat?

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6 Responses to Clicky-links! Diversions and Shiny Things!

  1. Margrethe says:

    Both! If the crowds are kind, the parasol is a delight and will allow a smaller hat (easier to secure with hat pins for rides). If the crowds are heavy, the sun hat will allow easier movement through them.

    I’m taking both, but then I will be pushing my mother in a wheelchair for most of the day.

  2. R says:

    I won’t be attending, unfortunately, but I’m very curious about the feasibility of taking parasols on future trips. How well does it work for you? Can you take one along on rides or do you need to stash it or hand it to a non-riding friend?

  3. Salamandrina says:

    As a denizen of SoCal, and a regular at Disney, I recommend the hat – you’ll need your hands free for churros, corndogs, cameras, and rubbing the head of every bat stanchion in the Haunted Mansion.

  4. Amber says:

    Wish I could go to Bats Day. But I’ll content myself with reading those comics. I’m in love with “Writhe and Shine” already!

  5. BlackRose says:

    I can’t wait for Bats Day this year, and I hope I get to meet you there. I brought a parasol a few years ago, the main problem I had was when we were all gathered in front of the castle waiting to take the big picture. There were so many people there that I had to just put it down because I was constantly hitting people with it.

  6. Sarah says:

    Dear Miss Manners,
    I thought you should be made aware of this news report. I thought it might peak your interests, given your love of Dracula 🙂
    All the best,

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