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Stereotype Technology – For Your Window Shopping Needs – September 10, 2018

It turns out the Lady of the Manners has far more self-control than she ever suspected, Snarklings! While wandering about collecting links of Stereotype Technology, she only indulged in two purchases! Both of which were items she actually needed, not just coveted to a ridiculous degree. Continue reading

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Clicky-links! Diversions and Shiny Things!

Gracious, Snarklings, it’s been a busy time for the Lady of the Manners! There’s been a steady flurry of posts over on the Gothic Charm School Tumblr with snippets and quick photos from the events the Lady of the Manners has been visiting (so many events! So many wonderful people to meet!), and you should know what that means. Clicky-link roundup! Yes, the Lady of the Manners has been assiduously collecting cards from the fascinating artists and vendors she’s met over the past month or so, and now she’s going to share them with you.
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