An Important Announcement

Dear darling Snarklings,

The Lady of the Manners has been dithering over this announcement for a while. This website, the original home of Gothic Charm School, is taking a hiatus from reader questions until around October. Everything is fine, there is no crisis or problem! But there are some other projects of mine that need my focused attention, and I need to take a break in order to do that.

While reader questions are going on hold, there will be the occasional interview or review posted over the next few months. If you do have gothy questions, be sure to search the archives that are packed with over 15 years of articles. Alternatively, you can buy the book (if you haven’t done that yet)!

I am not vanishing from the internet. You can still follow my hijinks over on Twitter, on LiveJournal (remember that? Yeah, I’m still there), and, of course, over on Tumblr.

To sum up: Taking a break from answering questions! Everything is fine! Other important projects to be done! The Lady of the Manners will return in October! In the meantime, take care of yourselves, take care of each other, and treat everyone (including yourself!) with as much kindness and compassion as possible.

With much love,

The Lady of the Manners

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