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A Reminder, and Festive Cookies!

First things first, Snarklings: the Lady of the Manners is SO HAPPY to see people showing their delightful faces and using the #EverydayGoth and #ThisIsGoth tags on Twitter and Instagram. Keep doing that! And feel free to tag the Lady … Continue reading

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Of Finding Everyday Goth Clothing

Mainstream fashion, Snarklings. That is what the Lady of the Manners is going to talk about now. (She is also going to cast a wary eye at the ever-growing mountain of letters in her inbox, but will perhaps tackle those at another time.)

However, to tie those two topics together: much of the email the Lady of the Manners receives here at Gothic Charm School falls under one category, which is creating a Goth wardrobe without going bankrupt. (With, occasionally, a side of questions about how to do such a thing when one’s parents frown upon shopping online or at stores that are known to cater to the subculture.)

Snarklings, it is entirely possible to pull together a Goth look without shopping online or at places like Hot Topic. In fact, the Lady of the Manners is going to state that it is easier now than has been for ages. Mainstream stores such as Target, Macy’s, H+M, and Forever 21 all stock items that could (and should!) be in a Goth closet. Basics such as interesting tights or leggings, black skirts and trousers, black tops, jackets (be they fitted, or oversized and drapey), all sorts of accessories … Continue reading

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