Of Finding Everyday Goth Clothing

Mainstream fashion, Snarklings. That is what the Lady of the Manners is going to talk about now. (She is also going to cast a wary eye at the ever-growing mountain of letters in her inbox, but will perhaps tackle those at another time.)

However, to tie those two topics together: much of the email the Lady of the Manners receives here at Gothic Charm School falls under one category, which is creating a Goth wardrobe without going bankrupt. (With, occasionally, a side of questions about how to do such a thing when one’s parents frown upon shopping online or at stores that are known to cater to the subculture.)

Snarklings, it is entirely possible to pull together a Goth look without shopping online or at places like Hot Topic. In fact, the Lady of the Manners is going to state that it is easier now than has been for ages. Mainstream stores such as Target, Macy’s, H+M, and Forever 21 all stock items that could (and should!) be in a Goth closet. Basics such as interesting tights or leggings, black skirts and trousers, black tops, jackets (be they fitted, or oversized and drapey), all sorts of accessories …

Look, the Lady of the Manners is going to try a new thing. She has spent some time playing around with that eater of free time known as Polyvore, and has created some Everyday Goth sets to show you what she’s talking about. A CAVEAT: The items in these sets were found by searching on the store names. The Lady of the Manners cannot guarantee that those exact items are still available at the stores. But! These Everyday Goth Polyvore sets are meant to help give you lovely people an idea of what sort of items can be found at mainstream stores.

(The Lady of the Manners would like to apologize to her male readers. She tried to create some Polyvore sets for you, too, really she did. But finding images of men’s garments on Polyvore that don’t also include the models turned out to be somewhat impossible. Again, the Lady of the Manners apologizes.)

You see, Snarklings? Examples of Goth-friendly garments, easily found! You just need to keep an open mind and be willing to browse the racks at all sorts of stores.

Coming soon to Gothic Charm School: a review of the Sepiachord Passport CD (the very short version is that the Lady of the Manners loves it), and answers to an assortment of questions from readers! Do you want to add your question to the never-shrinking heap of mail awaiting the Lady of the Manners? Then use this handy link to the Correspondence form!

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