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Holiday Shopping and Parties

Hello, Faithful Readers, and welcome to the holiday edition of Gothic Charm School. The tell-tale signs of the holiday season are upon us: fake snow in window displays, every storefront covered in twinkly lights, and glazed expressions on the on the faces of salesclerks from non-stop exposure to piped-in holiday music.

Now, last year, the Lady of the Manners explained to you how to keep family harmony during the holidays by being polite, friendly, courteous, and practicing at keeping a somewhat cheerful, but neutral facial expression when asked, “so, aren’t you done with this weird phase yet?” by well-intentioned but clueless relatives. This year, the Lady of the Manners is going to cover some other points of surviving the holidays: shopping, and holiday parties ”” both the attending and throwing thereof. Continue reading

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Dress Like The Crow

A reader asks the question: Why is it a faux pas to dress like The Crow? Continue reading

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Halloween Do’s and Don’t’s

Hello, Faithful Readers, and Happy Anniversary! Yes, it’s been a full year of advice from Gothic Charm School ”” it didn’t seem that long, did it? In amongst the questions that Faithful Readers sent in, there were also various missives from people asking, “what gives you the right to tell people how to dress and behave?!” To which the Lady of the Manners responds: She’s not telling anyone in a dictatorial fashion. Everything has been advice, which means people are free to ignore it completely. For those out there who have felt slighted by the Lady of the Manners’ disdain for face-covering elaborate eyeliner and plastic capes, oh well. Rest assured that she would never run up to you and tell you that you look silly. That would be rude and unkind.

Anyway, it’s October, and we all know what October means for goths, right? ALL THE STORES ARE STOCKING HALLOWEEN THINGS!! Continue reading

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Holidays and Birthdays: Conflicting Plans

Hello, Faithful Readers, and welcome to yet another round of advice from your devoted the Lady of the Manners.

While September seems a bit early for people to be worrying about the holiday season, one reader sent this touching plea for advice on what to do about a potential conflict in her holiday plans: Continue reading

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Bright Lights, Big City

…how to adapt to a new scene.

Hello Faithful Readers, and welcome to August. Gothic Miss Manners has complained at you (the Faithful Readers) for the past two months about summer weather, so she’s going to spare you that topic of conversation entirely. No, what this month’s topic of conversation is going to be is . . . moving. Continue reading

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Crossing Over

Hello, faithful readers, it’s June. For those of you still incarcerated in school, your seasonal freedom is soon at hand! No more for you the drudgery of doing homework, kowtowing to teachers, or panicking at the words “pop quiz.” Of course, that doesn’t mean you’re going to stop learning. Oh no; the Lady of the Manners is here to kick off summer vacation with an overview of the Basics of Being a Goth. Why, you ask? Read this missive from one of the Faithful Readers and you’ll understand. Continue reading

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Too Old To Be Goth?

Hello, faithful readers, and welcome to May. The days are longer, it’s sunny and warm out, and the Lady of the Manners has been looking through her closet in vain for something that might be usable for gothic Victorian summer wear. But never fear, that overwhelming obsession has not distracted the Lady of the Manners from the pleasant task of answering your questions! This month’s query comes from reader Adrian Forte:

I’m curious, when do you reach the point in your life when you are too old to consider yourself Goth, especially if you’ve never really gotten into the Goth scene in real life. Continue reading

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“Nice Boots” and Club Manners

Hellohello, Faithful Readers, and welcome to the early spring ramblings at Gothic Charm School. (the Lady of the Manners knows that it’s spring because all the local drugstores have shelves and shelves of sugary Peeps for sale. Some people may use the budding of the trees or the re-appearance of flowers as sure harbingers of the spring season; the Lady of the Manners goes by the more reliable timetable of Easter candy turning up at the stores. Mmmmm, chocolate bunnies”¦)

Anyway, besides flowers, warmer weather, and Cadbury’s Cream Eggs, spring also usually means people coming out of the winter doldrums bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to go out and find new romantic interests. Of course, those people have to figure out how to chat up the potential new romance partner, which brings Gothic Charm School to the question of the month sent in by one of Our Readers: Continue reading

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Mixed Relationships ”” can goths and non-goths find True Love?

Hello, Faithful Readers, and welcome to the latest batch of advice. This month the Lady of the Manners going to tackle a pair of omnipresent questions- can a goth find happiness and True Love with a non-goth? And should a non-goth try to cross over to gain the approval of the object of their affection? An example of that, from one of you out there in the cybernetic wilderness: Continue reading

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Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Ah, romance. All goths are romantics, even if they deny it vehemently. There is something about the standard bits of the goth aesthetic (candlelight, roses, decadent food, alcohol, or clothing, passionate declarations or literature) that naturally go with romance.

Then why does the majority of the subculture profess to take a cynical view of the whole dating, love, & romance whirl? Because goths are all idealistic romantics at heart, and either don’t want to be ridiculed, or have been hurt too often ”¦ Continue reading

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