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Announcing the New Look of Gothic Charm School!

Look, Snarklings! Look at the new website, lovingly re-designed to complement the upcoming Gothic Charm School book! Continue reading

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Of Finding Supplies For Gothy Projects, And Of Finding Other Goths

Yes, Snarklings, the long-promised Gothic Charm School post about where to find supplies for gothy crafts and to embellish your wardrobe of gloom! Plus a tangent about finding other Goths in your area. Why the tangent? Well, you see, the letter that prompted all of this asks about both things. Continue reading

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More Advice For Aging Goths. And Clicky-links Of Coveting.

Snarklings, the Lady of the Manners has been quite touched by the flood of complimentary mail about the previous column on Aging Goths. Mail from fellow ElderGoths, and from younger Goths who are glad for the reassurance that Goth doesn’t have an age limit. Because the Lady of the Manners does tend to get letters like the following one from a young lady named Carrie: Continue reading

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Of Goths And Aging Gracefully

Oh Snarklings, you do know how to cheer up the Lady of the Manners, don’t you? Sending in questions about how to age gracefully and still proudly display your shadowy tendencies; a topic near and dear to the Lady of the Manners’ heart, indeed!

A Snarkling who is a fellow ElderGoth wrote in to ask the following:

Dear Lady of the Manners –
I have, alas, reached that awful age of (shall I say it?)… maturity. In fact, this year I shall be forced to celebrate my 21st birthday for the 32nd time..

I know you gave advice on dressing to a professional who was turning 37… ah, those were the days.. but what about a home-bound Goth who’s a great deal older. Makeup, yes – but how much is too much for the eyes that are gaining crows-feet and just when does one give up and start letting the grey streaks appear?

I don’t want to look like a silly old bat who can’t see the mirror too well anymore, but I don’t want to give up being a romantigoth either. What does an elder Goth do??
Continue reading

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Presenting The Book Cover

Behold, Snarklings! The cover for the Gothic Charm School book! Cover design by Pete Venters (who also did all the illustrations). The updated release date for Gothic Charm School: An Essential Guide For Goths And Those Who Love Them is … Continue reading

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Of Serious Matters Such As Harassment And Bigotry. And Vampires.

Honestly, Snarklings. The Lady of the Manners leaves you alone for a few short weeks in order to go see Coraline and review manuscript pages for the Gothic Charm School book, and then distressing letters arrive in her mailbox! Continue reading

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Of Movies and Button Eyes: Coraline

t’s time, Snarklings, for the Lady of the Manners to flail her hands in excitement. Why, you may ask? Because the movie for Coraline arrives in theatres on February 6th!

You do know about Coraline, don’t you, Snarklings? The wonderful book by Neil Gaiman about a young girl who walks through a secret door in her new home, into an alternate, more magical version of her life, complete with Other versions of her parents. But the magic takes a turn for the sinister, and Coraline must rely on her determination and bravery to get back home. Continue reading

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Of Goths and Religion

Snarklings, why do so many people (including ones who should know better) think that Goth has some sort of religious affiliation? Is it because so many Goths like wearing large, ornate cross pendants or intricately-beaded rosaries? Wait no; that, while possibly a small part of it, can’t be the main impetus for so many people assuming that Goth comes with a particular religious requirement. Because if that was the case, the accessorizing with crosses and rosaries would cause people to assume that all Goths are particularly flamboyant Catholics or Christians, and this poor Snarkling wouldn’t have written in with the following letter: Continue reading

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Amusements, Or What the Lady of the Manners Looks At When She Is In Need of Distractions

Hello and happy 2009, Snarklings! May this year be generous and the best kinds of exciting for everyone. This installment of Gothic Charm School isn’t the usual sort of lesson; no, it’s a short list of places on the Web that the Lady of the Manners is fond of. Blogs she likes to check, places she likes to window (and tab) shop, that sort of thing. You see, the Lady of the Manners is working on writing up the next lesson for Gothic Charm School (a number of you have written with questions concerning Goth and religion), but she thought that while she was working on that topic, you Snarklings might like to see where the Lady of the Manners goes for distraction and gothy eye candy. Continue reading

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