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Review: Only Lovers Left Alive, from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Just in case you’ve somehow missed the Lady of the Manners burbling everywhere about it: the Jim Jarmusch movie, Only Lovers Left Alive, is possibly the best vampire movie she’s ever seen. Tilda Swinton! Tom Hiddleston! AS VAMPIRES. It’s a gorgeous, lush opium dream of a movie about immortal love, and you should see it if you’re able to.

The mad geniuses over at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab have created an official line of perfumes for the movie, and they very kindly sent them to the Lady of the Manners! So for the next little while, it’s review time! Starting out with our pair of immortal lovers, with a “bonus track” review of the Lady of the Manners’ favorite scent from the entire collection. Continue reading

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Show and Tell: Frankenweenie!

Through a very nice bit of luck, I was at a sneak preview of Frankenweenie, the new stop-motion animated movie from Tim Burton. The very short version of the review is this: Frankenweenie is Tim Burton’s best work in years, perhaps since Big Fish. Go, go see it! Continue reading

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Show And Tell: Noxenlux Chapeaux

Hey look, it’s time for another installment of Show And Tell at Gothic Charm School! Featuring Noxenlux Chapeau.

I have a … weakness … for hats. My hat collection is rather large, and I am especially fond of miniature hats. Mini top hats, mini tricorns, whimsical little things festooned with ribbons and feathers (and maybe skulls) I can perch on my head; yes, please! And some of the favorites in my collection were made by Noxenlux Chapeau! Continue reading

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Show And Tell! Or, More Reviews.

Welcome to Show and Tell at Gothic Charm School! Show and Tell is how reviews are going to be labeled from now on, as the Lady of the Manners is planning on writing more reviews. (In addition to answering reader questions, not instead of!)

What sorts of reviews? Music, books, clothing, cosmetics, hats, boots, jewelry… any random shiny thing that catches my eye and ends up in my gloved clutches, really. It’s also a place at Gothic Charm School that’s a bit more relaxed, where the writing will be a little less formal. In other words, the Lady of the Manners is going to dispense with the third-person frivolity, and well, generally flail and burble about things. Continue reading

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