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Of Goth Fashion for Accessibility and Chronic Health Issues

Dear Lady of Manners
My question is less one about etiquette, and more about logistics. I have my own mix of Victorian goth and punky style that I was perfectly happy with until fairly recently.

The problem is that around 3 years ago, my chronic health conditions deteriorated, and I had to start using a wheelchair full time. I can no longer stand or walk, and a large portion of my clothing is not suitable for wearing in a powered wheelchair. Continue reading

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Of “Grown-up” and Corporate Goth

It falls to the Lady of the Manners to inform you, Snarklings, that a cycle is repeating itself. Apparently the fashion industry has yet again discovered us. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, no less. Continue reading

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Stereotype Technology: Pen and Paper

Many, many goths like writing supplies. Blank books, fancy pens, notecards, stickers – all of these things can set goth hearts aflutter like little bat wings. The Lady of the Manners knows very well that she’ll never use up her entire stash of fancy writing goodies, but that doesn’t stop her from coveting more. Continue reading

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Ten! Years! Old!


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Of Funeral Etiquette

Do you have any advice for goths on what to wear to a funeral? I’ve never been to one, and even though most of my wardrobe is black, I don’t really know what’s ”too much” (no massive skulls and bats, nothing cut too low, but beyond that), or even how to do my make up for it. Considering how much of my style and interest in art is based around Victorian mourning clothes and the abstract concept of Death I have no idea what I’m doing. Continue reading

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Stereotype Technology: For Your Window Shopping Needs May 2019

For this round of Stereotype Technology links, the Lady of the Manners actually did wander a little way away from her own aesthetic, just like she said she would (try to) do! Yes, Snarklings, marvel at the Lady of the Manners’ restraint in not including a red velvet coat in every installment of Stereotype Technology. Continue reading

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Of “Friendly Goth” Fashion

For this installment of Gothic Charm School, the Lady of the Manners is responding to a Snarkling who said the questions in her mail are “a bit all over the place”, but the Lady of the Manners quickly spotted a link between them: how to have a subtle Goth style that won’t worry or intimidate parents or kids? Continue reading

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Stereotype Technology: For Your Window Shopping Needs April 2019

Guess what, Snarklings? It’s time for another round of Stereotype Technology! The Lady of the Manners promises she’ll wander away from her preferred aesthetic next time, but this round’s collection of goodies were all found during bouts of insomnia-fueled window shopping. To the surprise of none of you, the Lady of the Manners is sure. Continue reading

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Why Do Guys Like Goth Girls?

The Lady of the Manners will be honest, Snarklings: she’s been holding onto this reader question for a while, because there are many different things to address, and the Lady of the Manners felt a little overwhelmed.

I found your site interest [sic] and by mistake. Great site. Was looking up ”˜why guys like goth girls.’ Maybe you can answer that question for me real quick like. Anyway thanks for all what you do. Continue reading

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Show and Tell: Wet n Wild “Rebel Rose” Collection and North Star Glitters

Makeup is a staple of goth fashion. It’s not by any means a requirement to be a goth, but it is very, very prevalent. (The Lady of the Manners doesn’t want to think about how many hours she spent practicing … Continue reading

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